Chateau de Chantilly © Oise Tourisme/I.Leullier

Destination: Oise

Over the centuries, Oise has been shaped by the great events of French history. Today, this department is a veritable open history book, inviting visitors to enjoy myriad experiences just outside Paris.

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© Oise Tourisme/I.Leullier

Culture and heritage

Oise has not forgotten its past, the foundations of its present culture and wealth. Diverse museums today allow visitors to discover the history of the department's traditions, arts and crafts.

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Theme parks : Parc Astérix © Oise Tourisme/Parc Astérix

Theme Parks

Want to have some fun? Not far from Paris and conveniently served by the A1 “Northern Motorway”, Oise’s leisure parks are accessible to everyone!

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Sports and Nature : Biking in Oise / Oise Tourisme/CRT Picardie/Comdesimages

Sports and Nature

Why not leave your car in the garage to admire the landscapes of Oise? Slip on a pair of walking shoes or hop on a bike to explore the department, thanks to over 150 tour ideas for walkers and bikers.

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Parks and gardens France : The painter André Van Beek's garden

Parks and gardens

Green is surely the colour that best describes Oise. The green of its forests, but also of its gardens. A decidedly "natural" department, Oise has managed to preserve its verdant havens, fragrant with the scent of roses, lilacs and honeysuckle, where time stands still.

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Crème Chantilly / Whipped cream / Chantilly crem © Oise Tourisme/Thinkstock


A source of culinary inspiration, the muse of many an outstanding chef, Oise offers food lovers both sweet and savoury specialities, not to mention a few delicious beverages all its own. This is a rich department, whose every terroir invites visitors to discover a unique gourmet treasure.

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