The main events and activities

Palais de Compiègne - Palais en Jazz 2015 - Antoine Delporte

What to do in Oise in 2017?

The main events and activities just north of Paris that you won’t want to miss in 2017.

If you’ve decided to discover the French art de vivre in 2017, then you should come explore Oise! Visit a château, enjoy a breath of fresh forest air, discover our traditions, have fun at one of our amusement parks, stroll about a picturesque village… And of course, take advantage of our full events calendar! 

The main events and activities just north of Paris that you won’t want to miss in 2017: 

“Les Heures Italiennes”

March to December 2017
Oise – Somme – Hauts-de-France 

Picardy is home to nearly 900 Italian works of art, dating from the 14th to the 18th centuries and housed in public collections (museums and historic monuments) of the Aisne, Oise and Somme departments. “Les Heures Italiennes” (spring/summer 2017) invites you to discover 5 exhibitions at 5 prestigious heritage sites: the Condé Museum of the Domaine de Chantilly, the Compiègne Palace, the MUDO - Museum of Oise and the Quadrilatère in Beauvais, the Royal Chaalis Abbey and the Picardy Museum in Amiens. A unique opportunity to admire the region’s exceptional yet little known Italian artworks.

The “Blues Autour du Zinc” blues music festival

18 to 26 March 2017

Blues music fires up the city of Beauvais for the festival’s 21st edition! A not-to-be-missed event for lovers of blues in all its myriad forms. 

“Festival of Roses” 

4 June 2017

Since 1928, roses have been celebrated in Gerberoy thanks to the artist Henri Le Sidaner and successive generations of rose-loving villagers! Indeed, it would be impossible to list the many varieties of antique rosebushes to admire and smell on-site! In June, when the climbing roses covering the old houses' facades and invading the cobblestoned lanes are in full bloom, enjoy a colourful, fragrant stroll about town. Each year, several rose-inspired events are held within the old medieval ramparts during the Fête des Roses: learn to discern the various fragrances of this most popular flower, and take the opportunity to meet rose-growers and nurserymen, painters and designers! 

The “Prix du Jockey Club” horse race 

4 June 2017

Discover this international cultural event, the epitome of equestrian elegance, created in 1843. A singular gathering combining chic conviviality and hippic excellence. The prestigious “Prix du Jockey Club” horse race is held at a truly exceptional site a mere horse shoe’s throw from the Château de Chantilly. A prize that jockeys and horse breeders dream of someday winning. Each year, this incomparable athletic spectacle crowns the world’s finest three-year-old. 

“Days of the Rose” gardening event

9, 10 & 11 June, 2017

The department’s unmissable gardening event for both professionals and amateurs alike. Each year, the Journées de la Rose gathers together numerous nurseries, rose-growers, artisans and artists, allowing flower enthusiasts to benefit from their expert advice, while discovering the latest varieties and best gardening products. 

“Palais en Jazz”

June 2017

The Compiègne Palace has ever sought to attract new visitors by hosting one-of-a-kind events offering diverse, exclusive and top-quality musical experiences. Composing a fascinating mix of periods and cultures, “Palais en Jazz” is also the first jazz festival to be held within a royal palace. The perfect opportunity for music lovers to (re)discover this exceptional estate and its museums, combining splendour and simplicity, art and nature. Palais en Jazz offers two days and two evenings of concerts and debates, musical, theatrical and literary performances, unique, ephemeral and contemporary creations, documentary film screenings and more. 

The “Festival of the Forests”

June & July, 2017

For its 25th edition, the “Festival des Forêts” assembles over 40 composers and no less than 200 talented artists for a musical exploration of all four seasons... Melodiously spotlighting the exceptional natural heritage of Oise, the festival allows music lovers to relax and enjoy themselves with friends and family in a special sylvan setting. You won’t want to miss the unique concert-hikes: strolls through the woods punctuated with short musical breaks lasting a dozen minutes. Each walk is guided by a forest expert, sharing precious botanical and historical knowledge and anecdotes with participants. These easy itineraries are suited to everyone. The “Festival of the Forests” also offers classical music concerts in churches, cinematic-concerts, light-show concerts, activities for young music lovers (concerts and workshops for children aged 4 and up), special weekend packages, etc. 

"The immense, eternal Cathedral of Beauvais" sound and light show

June to September and throughout December, 2017

At nightfall, the darkened cathedral square becomes the spectacular stage for this most colourful sound and light show. Utilizing the traditional techniques of trompe l’oeil combined with the latest technologies, the Skertzò company offers spectators a magical (round-trip) journey through time. This dynamic architectural utilization of light reveals a whole new vision of the city’s fabulous cathedral. A haunted edifice of lace and light.

The “Red Berries Market”

2 July 2017

Red berries first appeared during the 10th century with the cultivation of wild cherries, in what had been up until then a predominantly wine-growing region. Following the First World War, local farmers supplied the marketplaces of Paris, northern France and England, via the Noyon railway station. Each year, the Noyonnais produced up to 250 tonnes of cherries! The region then began to diversify its red-berry crops, planting raspberries, red currants and blackcurrants. Today, the “Marché aux Fruits Rouges” in Noyon is a delicious opportunity to savour fresh, locally grown fruits, as well as jams, coulis, jellies and syrups. Experience the magical atmosphere of the markets of yesteryear! 

The “Prix de Diane” horse race

18 June 2017

The “Prix de Diane” horse race dates back to 1843. This prestigious race reserved for 3-year-old fillies has always been run on a 2.1 km course. Sponsored by the French luxury brand Hermès since 1982, this eminently refined and elegant equestrian event pays particular tribute to women. Each year, a veritable fashion show of fantastic formal hats gracefully brightens up the racecourse. 

“Chantilly Arts & Elégance”

10 September 2017

This one-of-a-kind event combines a car show and French art de vivre in all its myriad forms (the fine and culinary arts, lifestyle and fashion, jewellery and more), with the participation of some of France’s most prestigious brands and fashion houses. A truly unique gathering in an exceptional setting, only a few kilometres from the French capital. The royal town and château offer visitors to “Chantilly Arts & Elégance – Richard Mille” the unique opportunity to enjoy the quintessence of French art and elegance. 

“The Masters of Fire”

September 2017

Pyrotechnics enthusiasts won’t want to miss the 2nd edition of this prestigious fireworks competition, to be held at the Compiègne racecourse! 3 renowned European companies will face off under the theme “Sketch for me: Nature”. Nearly 2 ½ hours, with a musical family-friendly introduction, followed by the 3 pyrotechnical displays in competition, and ending with a spectacular fireworks finale.

Frightful fun at the Parc Astérix theme park

October & November, 2017

“Peur sur Parc” is back, with haunted houses, transformed attractions, street performances and 3 evening shows. 

Christmas equestrian show at the Horse Museum of Chantilly

December 2017 & January 2018

A magical spectacle combining horseriding and storytelling.