About us

About us

The goal of the Oise Departmental Tourist Board is to help develop and energize tourism in Oise.

The Oise Departmental Tourist Board:

  • Federates, informs and stimulates all public and private players in the Oise department.

  • Analyzes, advises, evaluates and elaborates the tourist development strategy for the Oise department.

  • Manages and leads intra-departmental networks in order to develop marketing.

  • Collect, manage, qualify and make available tourist information.

  • Promote the department's tourist offers in France and abroad - in particular, via the destination projects.

  • Sell Oise as a destination


Oise Tourisme 

22, place de la Préfecture 

BP 80822

60008 Beauvais Cedex


Tél. + 33 3 64 60 60 60