The Avenue Verte london <> Paris

The Avenue Verte london <> Paris

From 2012, you can set out along this legendary cycle route in the making.
The Avenue Verte london <> Paris is specially signposted for cyclists between the two great capitals, and you cross the Channel via the Transmanche Newhaven-Dieppe service, landing in Normandy.

The Avenue Verte london <> Paris : the Oise, a Land of Great Builders - 91,1 km

As an alternative to heading down to the Ile-de-France region via the Vexin and the Epte Valley, a fascinating, alternative Avenue Verte route takes you along the Trans'Oise way, crossing the OIse département (or county), which stretches across southern Picardy, on the border with the Ile-de-France. The Oise département was a cradle of Gothic architecture and boasts an exceptional heritage. You'll see this immediately at the start of this section, with the massive abbey at Saint-Germer-de-Fly. Further stars along this route include the Château de Chantilly, the abbeys of Le Moncel and Royaumont, the royal town of Senlis and the cathedral of Beauvais. On top of that, the cycle route through the Oise proves a delight.

The Avenue Verte london <> Paris : the Pays de Bray - 100,5 km

This wonderful stretch of the Avenue Verte transports you from the Pays de Dieppe across the Pays de Bray, a deeply typical area of Normandy, with rich farmlands stetching across wide green rolling hills. Our track takes you as far as the old thermal town of Forges-les-Eaux. Then you need to follow a provisional route along small country roads leading to Saint-Germer-de-Fly, a pretty village just within the region of Picardy. There, you can choose between two different Avenue Verte routes taking you to central Paris.